Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Weekend Wrap Up #3 / LATEST CSS HACK

So it's not actually the weekend but I finally have some spare time to share my thoughts. If I don't share them here well then they'll just build up in my head and all sorts of bad things start happening.

Oh well onto item number 1:
Michelle Obama is trans, thus making president Obama the first GAY president as well as all the other things.

While it's not exactly news that Michelle is fit as fuck, it has come to my attention that even rational and intelligent friends have somehow gotten their asses involved in this hideously dumb conspiracy theory (BTW by even given this theory validation, whether it be by exploring facts or using damning science, you ignore the fact that trans-women are WOMEN). Her hip to shoulder ratio is off? For gods sake have a look at any influential female athlete, or any hyper fit woman, I think you'll find that same most of the time.

OK, so point number two is...who the fuck cares? If Michelle IS trans, what does that mean for you?
(spoiler alert: NOTHING). So let's go too far and say that Michelle is trans, have you noticed the climate recently? It's really hot, like factorials of the sun kinda hot. If you mention something about trans* people, you better damn well know what you're talking about. Trans women of colour suffer an incredible amount of unnecessary hatred especially compared to their white counterparts. So in short, even if you're just interested in the theory/debate, be advised, you are treading on thin ice. Keep this kinda stuff to yourself/Illuminati conspiracist friends.

Here I am still listing things like it isn't 2015, and like you don't have a clue. If you fall in this category, I'm sorry, but unfortunately you are incredibly outnumbered.
The internet is a vast and wonderful place filled with basically every piece of knowledge you could imagine. Unfortunately, that means people like Alex Jones still get a voice. I'm also sorry for that (not my responsibility but someone has to take the blame). Here's a little trick I encourage you to try. If someone spouting potentially wrong information (or just any kinda unconventional wisdom (And by that I mean, use common sense)) takes your fancy, CHECK THAT SHIT. MAKE SURE YOUR SOURCES ARE CORRECT. There is nothing worse than repeating useless garbage that has already been confirmed false HUNDREDS OF TIMES OVER. (this also applies to GMO and Vaccines. Seriously, you can't be pro one and anti the other. If you are, either reflect very hard or EMAIL ME, which ever is easiest on your brain).

Now with all things that you should already know out of the way, here is that CSS hack I promised.
Yes, its the one with the nice menu.

Now, I WARN YOU, THIS IS OLD SAUCE, THE ENCRYPTION METHOD IS WRONG. IT ENCRYPTS WITH THE SAME KEY EVERY TIME. Though on the plus side it should be safe straight off the bat (IE before 26/06/2015).

Hey, email me if you want one that doesn't crank up once VAC shows its (mostly ugly) head.


But please email me for anything else!
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