Saturday, 30 May 2015

Early version of my css multihack

As you may know, a while ago I showed off my old external multihack for css. To much disappointment of the masses, there was no download link, just a boastful video. Well wait no more, for here is a super primitive version that still works to this day! (it will be two years old on June 12th)

I'm moving house so I packed up most things and am solely using my laptop. This doesn't happen very often because it is an HP laptop, so it overheats like a motherfucker, but buried deep within the my documents folder was an old and ugly version just waiting to be released upon the unsuspecting public.

So what does this particular version do? Well, most of the things.

It includes:
*Crappy aimbot (right mouse, minor bugs)
*Dot/Skeleton/Weapon ESP (Buggy, Run css in a full screen window)
*Crappy triggerbot

Unlike the final version, it doesn't have a funky clickable menu so INSERT turns it on/off.

When I've moved into my new place and I'm all nice and settled (and if my PC even still works) I will release the encrypted version.

It's probably detected by VAC so I wouldn't use it online (besides, cheating online is lame)

Download - AdFly
Download -
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