Sunday, 15 March 2015

Weekend Wrap Up #1

Welcome to the first Weekend Wrap Up!

The aim of this series is to show off whats new on the tools and other projects I have been working on over the last week. This should hopefully keep things more constant so I don't lose interest again. Anyway, enjoy the first edition!

The model logger is sooooo close to being released for a bug test! I could have published it now but it would have all been keyboard driven and very painful to use. Instead I decided to work on a Form class so people could use some basic UI instead of remembering a bunch of hotkeys. I'm trying to make the UI as robust as possible seeing as I'll probably end up using it in my uni course. The form is movable with the mouse by clicking on its header, like your normal windows (though my implementation still needs a lot of work on that, its very fragile haha). Also like your normal windows it has a close button. This one is blue.

The next thing to be implemented is the favourites list. This is going to be a very useful, if not THE most useful feature of the Logger. It will allow you to save a specific list of models picked out from the cleaned files. This basically means you can build your own wall-hack without any programming knowledge! Huzzah! Once that is complete I think it'll be time to ship an alpha!

Here are some more screenshots:

Testing UI

Testing the button clicks, adding to fav list, form move functions etc

Resizing the form on the fly

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