Monday, 23 March 2015

Weekend Wrap Up #2/Alpha wallhack tool release

Hey all. Welcome to the weekend wrap up #2.

It is time!

While I didn't get as much done as I wanted I'm happy enough with what I have to share the pre-alpha-bug-testy release. It is a bit more complicated than it needs to be so here are the steps required to get it going. (This will be addressed in the next release)

  • Download  the exe and dll here (dropbox dl)
  • Inject the dll into your game (currently only directx9 is supported) using an injector of your choice (I prefer winject)
  • Press delete to bring up all the info (this also loads your cleaned dump files again, useful if you need to quickly add something to favourites)
  • Press insert to start and again to stop logging
  • In the folder where your games .exe is there should now be a folder called dumps
  • Put mdldmpSorter.exe in this folder and run it to start the sorting
  • Choose your filters

99% of the time you will want to type 'y' when asked this(There is also no error checking on this so make sure it's lowercase!). Players, weapons, vehicles, buildings, basically anything 3D uses stride 32. 
Next you will also be asked if you want a min numvert/primcount, Experiment to see what is useful for you. 
Save your file as "test". At the moment it only looks for test.fin when it goes to display the results so don't forget this part!

  • Back ingame hit delete a couple of times to reload the new cleaned dump file
Use the up and down arrow keys to cycle through the models and the left and right arrows to increment/decrement the current selection by 100.
Press shift+b to save the current model to the favourites list (or click the add button on the UI but make sure you read the known bugs list up ahead)
Press F6 to save your list and F7 to load it.
Home key toggles UI
End key sets the model selection to 0
Alt switches between drawing the models in the FIN list and the models in your Favourites list.
Middle mouse moves the menu to the cursor.

Congratulations you can now create your own wall hacks with no programming experience!

The UI only works properly in fullscreen mode for now. This will be fixed in the next update

The next version will be completely redone from the ground up and I'll actually plan it out properly so it uses OOP quite heavily.

I may put up a video on how to use it because it is a bit of a complicated process. God damn I am so tired. I'm going to sleep, happy hacking.

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